Holly Spinatsch wakes up from what she believes was a dream until a slew of clues leads her to conclude that what she experienced at The Children’s Horrible House may have indeed occurred. Her sister’s dog runs away and with him her hopes of seeing her friends from the horrible house becomes bleak. After being enrolled in a new school, her hope is revived when she sees Coriander, her closest ally she met during her stay at the mysterious mansion. With him, she decides to go back but they are not sure how to get there until a note from Holly’s older sister Juniper jumpstarts their resolve to return. Meanwhile Sirius Pankins, the director, is plotting a trap to force these kids to find what she believes is a rightful fortune but nostalgic flashes from her lost family cause her to lose sight of her goal.

Return to The Children’s Horrible House is the second book in The Horrible House Series where we observe Holly Spinatsch a curious misunderstood tomboy who along with her crew of mismatched friends can’t stay away from the mystery that surrounds this mansion. They know the treasure is hidden within but they are not the only one’s looking for what this house is holding and taunting them to find. The middle-grade book, written by N. Jane Quackenbush is a mystery mixed with a heaping amount of fun, humor and educational references.

The silliness and mystery just got even better with this second book in the series. I love all the gut-busting situations mixed with the spine-tingling descriptions these ‘horrible’ books offer. What’s even more impressive is that the weaving of advanced sciences suddenly became tangible to even the youngest readers. 

—Page Burners

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