Announcing the release of The Children’s Horrible House October 30th on Amazon! Only .99 for the ebook on release day!!!




Hi, I’m Holly…

Holly Spinatsch, a curious and rebellious tomboy, was forewarned by her siblings that if she didn’t make her bed, she would be taken away to The Children’s Horrible House…and indeed she was.

On her search for kinship in this seemingly haunted jail like mansion, she discovers a mystery lurking and breathing, crying out for discovery.

However, when she and her friends attempt to solve the mystery, they are only left with more questions.

Do you have what it takes to survive in The Children’s Horrible House?



Get ready to set sail on the latest “Pirate Ship Bed Trip” adventure! Set to release December 2015

Follow James and Captain Allstache Nobeard on a swashbuckling journey around magical islands, inside mysterious caves and search for hidden treasure!  Be part of the crusty crew like our very own Fish Guts Glut pictured below:



We are very excited about the Hardcover coming at the end of this month. The amazing illustrations just explode into vivd life in this edition of “The Rocket Ship Bed Trip”! Make sure that you get a copy of the “The Rocket Ship Bed Trip” in hardcover! It is the perfect addition to your children’s book library.


New books in the works!!!

“The Afternoon Moon” written by N. Jane Quackenbush; illustrations by Lynne Villalobos

Children’s Picture Book



“The Afternoon Moon” is another imaginative poem about three friends who are playing outside in the afternoon sun when they realize that the moon is out as well…They question the moon and wonder why it is out at this time. At the end of the story there are photos of the moon in it’s stages and explanations as to why you sometimes see the moon in the middle of the day. It is perfect for those curious minds that children embody. The sketches of the illustrations are amazing of course! With Lynne’s unmatched talent, this book will take your imagination beyond the moon and back!


“The Pirate Ship Bed Trip” written by N. Jane Quackenbush; illustrations by Christopher Epling

Children’s Picture Book

Join James as his bed turns into a pirate ship where he meets Captain Allstache Nobeard and his swashbuckling crew on an incredible adventure sailing around islands and discovering treasure. This book will appeal to the advanced reader looking for a new way to explore our beautiful world of amazing oceans, islands, and caves. The illustrations perfectly capture the intricateness of the stunning pirate ship and individual personalities of the crew. The reader will be reminded of the stunning sky views from “The Rocket Ship Bed Trip” as well as “bunbun” who joins James on the crew.


“The Children’s Horrible House” written by N. Jane Quackenbush

Middle Grade Chapter Book

Holly’s family teases her that she will be sent to The Children’s Horrible House if she doesn’t clean her room and make her bed. To her dismay, she finds out the truth to their jest as the bus for The Children’s Horrible House has arrived and picks her up and takes her away. When she gets to the imposing jail like victorian home, she is confused by the beauty and ornateness of this “horrible” house where she is forced to clean rooms and make beds all day long. She learns there is more to the place than just repetitious cleaning and straightening as she makes new fiends as well as enemies. But the greatest thing she uncovers is the bravery that was hidden inside her. Through facing fears and finding truths, Holly Spinatsch goes on a self discovering journey unlike any other.


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