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Had a great turnout for the St. Johns County Public Library visit! Thanks to Andy C., the best and most entertaining Librarian ever!


What a great cozy school! I had a great time visiting the sweet children at this special school! Hope I fueled some sweet dreams!


IMG_2744IMG_2743IMG_2745IMG_2719L.E.A. Great School visit at Steven Foster Elementary in Gainesville! Florida.


IMG_2761IMG_2762IMG_2758During Literacy week, we visited Mosely Elementary. LOVED the excitement and exceptional behavior!



IMG_2779IMG_2782IMG_2776Osceola had the best sound system for the presentation. The guidance counselor loved the presentation so much, she told more classes come in for the 2nd presentation!




Most Saturdays you will find me at The St. Augustine Farmer’s Market at The St. Augustine Amphitheater. I have a lot of fun meeting new people who seem genuinely excited to pick up one or more copies of “The Rocket Ship Bed Trip”…Here is a lovely family who are very happy to have a copy for their beautiful daughter!


IMG_2800This awesome grandpa made one special granddaughter feel so special with “The Rocket Ship Bed Trip” and “BunBun” combo!



First book signing! Thanks to Buy the Book helping me have a very successful first book signing! I’m sure the next one will be even more successful!



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