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Amazing Grace Newton and The Purple Puddle Released!

If you haven’t heard, a new super-sweet story has just been released! “Amazing Grace Newton and The Purple Puddle” is the first book in a new “AMAZING” series. If you are looking for a wholesome, entertaining, thought-provoking, warm-setting, cuddle-up next to a crackling fire book, this new series is perfect for you!

Back Blurb:
Newton’s Apple Farm is about to discover gravity in a much different form. After a tragedy threatens to unravel the Newton’s family farm, Grace Newton comes to the rescue.
Looking for solace, Grace finds all she needs in a purple puddle.
With the aid of her family and friends, Amazing Grace Newton helps her whole family heal in a way that will warm every reader’s heart.

Praise for “Amazing Grace Newton and The Purple Puddle”

Such a sweet, thoughtful character Grace is! I absolutely love the way she turns a family tragedy into an extraordinary celebration of life!
She truly is AMAZING! Love her family members, especially her Chicken “Noodle” who doesn’t mind being dressed up! Looking forward to reading more awesome adventures of the AMAZING Grace Newton!-Amazon Customer

I really enjoyed Amazing grace newton and the purple pudddle. I loved Graces imagination and the love she shows for her family and life☺️-Amazon CustomerIMG_1904


“Horrible” Rocks Contest!

As you might know, there is a treasure hidden at The Children’s Horrible House. And to celebrate the release of the third book in The Horrible House series, Escape From The Children’s Horrible House we have decided to have a treasure hunt. If you have found one of these “horrible Rocks”, you are a winner!!! Here is what you must do to redeem your prize:
1. Take a picture with you and your “horrible” rock.
2. Share your photo on you or your parents social media page.
3. Like the Hidden Wolf Books page on Facebook and tag us in your post.
4. We will contact you about your official prize of your choice of a signed copy of one “Horrible House” book, or ebook, signed poster or the grand prize of an ice-cream sundae at Hazel’s Hot Dogs!
5. Happy Hunting!

FullSizeRender.jpg-26 IMG_0641


Barnes and Noble Book Signing

Here we have the out of this world, record holding astronaut, Dr. Kathryn Thornton joining Lynne Villalobos for our sold out event!




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School Visits

I have really enjoyed visiting elementary schools in the surrounding counties. The feedback has been very encouraging. The Media Specialist at Edgewater Elementary was extremely helpful and I could tell that she really loved her occupation! It is an amazing feeling when your passion is pared with your occupation. It just doesn’t feel like work! I really enjoyed the “questions” the children asked me! For instance, “If your book is based on your dream as a child, why is the character in the book a boy?” I have to laugh and they would too if they saw a picture of me when I was 5 to 10 years old. Everyone thought I was a boy…And at the time, I was a true Tomboy, so it never was an insult. Here a few photos of me with the children. IMG_2362 IMG_2356


Hidden Wolf Books

Hidden Wolf Books comes to you as a team/family effort. From time to time when we see things in the news or media relating to the topic our book highlights, we will do our best to report these events. Right now we are hopping along like astronauts on an uncharted journey, trying to get the word out there that our book has been released. We are learning and doing some conventional things and doing things that may not be (conventional) hoping for good results in the end. Today we sent copies of The Rocket Ship Bed Trip to the Midwest Book Review and the Kennedy Space Center. The Fountain of Youth in St. Augustine has a planetarium and is already featuring the book on the shelves of its gift shop.The book is an excellent choice for grandparents looking for a St.Valentine’s Day gift.
I don’t think there’s anyone I know who has not had a dream about flying; I think it’s one of the most exciting dreams to experience. Could you imagine it being a reality? Could you imagine this reality being heightened even more by a viewpoint from outer space. This isn’t just a dream for some; it is real for those who are brave enough to go and persistent enough to make space exploration their vocation. Check out this point of view that captures the essence of The Rocket Ship Bed Trip. Notice the satellites orbit the Earth, The starry skies, the comet at the end…don’t miss it!