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The Afternoon Moon has been released!

Afternoon moon Cover


Follow three friends as they play in the afternoon sun as well as the moon!

A fun way to learn about our nearest neighbor, our own moon. Enjoyed the simplicity and the delight of the artwork. I recommend this for anyone who loves the day sky. There are many treasures to behold if one looks up. This book will help do just that.  –Brenda Branchette, founding member The Ancient City Astronomy Club

Whimsical and beautifully illustrated, this engaging story will make children see the moon in a whole new light. The perfect companion book to The Rocket Ship Bed Trip.J.L. Bond, Author of The Primoruts Chronicles

Sometimes we find brilliance and excitement in an author where it almost slip-up on us. Simple words and pictures, cleverly designed with great care, can convey mood, information and pure enjoyment. The author has a gift for telling a story with concise and beautiful language, aided by lovely drawings by an equally gifted illustrator.Rosamund Parrish, Author and Illustrator, Lincolnville, A Sketchbook Journal of St.            Augustine’s Historic Neighborhood


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