Amazing Grace Newton and The Purple Puddle Released!

If you haven’t heard, a new super-sweet story has just been released! “Amazing Grace Newton and The Purple Puddle” is the first book in a new “AMAZING” series. If you are looking for a wholesome, entertaining, thought-provoking, warm-setting, cuddle-up next to a crackling fire book, this new series is perfect for you!

Back Blurb:
Newton’s Apple Farm is about to discover gravity in a much different form. After a tragedy threatens to unravel the Newton’s family farm, Grace Newton comes to the rescue.
Looking for solace, Grace finds all she needs in a purple puddle.
With the aid of her family and friends, Amazing Grace Newton helps her whole family heal in a way that will warm every reader’s heart.

Praise for “Amazing Grace Newton and The Purple Puddle”

Such a sweet, thoughtful character Grace is! I absolutely love the way she turns a family tragedy into an extraordinary celebration of life!
She truly is AMAZING! Love her family members, especially her Chicken “Noodle” who doesn’t mind being dressed up! Looking forward to reading more awesome adventures of the AMAZING Grace Newton!-Amazon Customer

I really enjoyed Amazing grace newton and the purple pudddle. I loved Graces imagination and the love she shows for her family and life☺️-Amazon CustomerIMG_1904

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