N. Jane Quackenbush has always been a dreamer. Her dream to become an author was an unspoken aspiration. When she realized that life could be taken in an instant, she understood that she had to make her dream come true. As a student, N. Jane felt the need to educate herself in order to have the confidence to feel qualified to call herself this important title…Author. She studied the art of poems and literature; all the while in awe of these literary greats and their work. This would often lead to a lack of self confidence, but it did keep her learning. She felt if she read millions of books and poems that somehow their genius would mentally transfer to her. One day she realized that she had her own unique point of view;  a bit quirky and inquisitive with observations from a very young soul. From a very early age, N. Jane had dreams that she can still recall in amazing detail. One of them was about her bed turning into a rocket ship. When she was about 4 years old, she spent the night at her grandparents home for the first time. That night she dreamed that she went on a journey through outer space encountering the sights and feelings of flight all the while still safely on her bed. When she woke up, she was amazed at this most wonderful dream. About thirty years later, she decided to write a poem about her dream. She shared the poem with her longtime  friend Lynne Villalobos. Lynne immediately loved the poem and was able to capture the feel of the dream in her cosmically, crystalline watercolors.



Lynne studied studio art at Palm Beach Atlantic University and went on to become an art teacher for many years.  After having her son, she moved back to her childhood town, Charlottesville, Virginia, where art opened a whole new chapter in her life’s story.  It was no longer a job, it had become her favorite past time.  It was here where she watched her son wander around in his imaginary world dressed in his favorite red sleeper clinging tight to his best stuffed friend “Bun Bun”.  Kai became her inspiration for the story and ultimately led to the fun and inspiring imagery of a little boy on a grand adventure in space with his best stuffed friend as captain of his ship!

  “Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” Thomas Merton

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